Metrics feature. Your car talks, now you can listen

SEAT - Digital Product Design

Agency: 14 (DDB)
Role: Product designer



My SEAT app transforms old cars into Connected Cars, thanks to the DataPlug and Bluetooth technology, allowing users to access to the data related to driving and maintenance of their vehicle.


The data displayed was the same that users find in the dashboard of their car. Although it was possible to see the evolution of each metric over time, it was not possible to make combinations between them so it didn’t provide real value to the user in terms of managing travel-related cost, anticipating maintenance or breakdowns, downloading reports, etc.



Not just data, but meaningful data.

Collect, relate and present to users the data related to the use of their car in a simple and clear way so they can easily understand the metrics and draw useful conclusions.


We evolved Metrics, the existing functionality within MySEATapp, and we built the new version through interactions with users to make the result useful to them.

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